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logudoro experience

Exploring the north west

Logudoro throwback

You will experience the past of this unique land through all senses. During this adventure you will get the chance to touch and see traditions kept since ancient times, like bread-making, lace art, basket weaving and coral transformation. You will discover old medieval castles, ancient places that are now a symbol for the island and try the real taste of Sardinia.

tour gallura home

Exploring the north east

Gallura insider

If you are looking for a unique experience to get closer to the Sardinian nature, this is the adventure for you. Along the road we won’t forget the Gallura’s history, the real mix of Nuragic civilization, banditism, Garibaldi and billionaires’ creations.  Can you already smell the myrtle and junipers’ perfumes?

tour wild south home

Exploring the south west

Wild south

Have you ever thought of leaving your comfort zone, without sacrificing the comfort of travelling with a guide? With these experiences you can discover the wilderness of Southern Sardinia among ancient cities on the Mediterranean seashore, harbors, vestiges but also street art and signing rocks. Just let yourself go.

tour barbagia home

Exploring the heart of Sardinia

Barbagia essential

Imagine a land where nature is raw, traditions are ancestral and people’s soul is pure. A land where you can travel back in time and discover the essential of Sardinia’s heart. There will be time to get along with locals and to immerge yourself in the salty waters. Through the folk music and costumes, bestial masks and remotes flavors you will reveal the real you.

tour sine qua non home

Must-visit place in the island

Sine qua non of Sardinia

This is a journey you will never forget. Through the experiences you will get acquainted with all the history, beauty, traditions and local products that Sardinia has to offer. Travelling from east to west, rolling to the south and ending in the Sardinia’s heart you will completely fall in love with the island and its people. At the end you will bring a luggage full of memories and the wish to come back over and over again.

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