Signature visits

Choose the right key to interpretation and live the past of Sardinia.

Legends and myths, history and curiosities led us to create tours focused on facts and events of our old days.

caccia alle streghe tour sardegna

Become superstitious

Witch hunt

Sardinia, part of the Aragonese Empire since the 14th century, it has often been involved in the Spanish Inquisition’s affairs, included the witches’ hunting. While walking through the town centres of Aritzo or Castelsardo we will find out all the details about it.

bandit and heroes sardinia

What you stand for?

Bandits and heroes

Historically in Sardinia there were places without justice, owners of their traditions and codes of conduct. We will walk through the towns of Aggius or Orgosolo and find more about those ancient territories. 

Alghero ebraica

Discover the unknown history

Jewish Alghero

Jewish blood runs in the blood of many sardinians. Tarsis, the biblical name of Sardinia, was the place where the Jews found refuge and freedom after persecution. We will talk about this and much more while walking through the streets of Alghero.

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