Trip to Sardinia

Trip to Sardinia

What to do in Sardinia

After the first calendar of excursion and activities I created last autumn, I wanted something new, focused on experiences.

I started looking for places off the beaten path, and decided I wanted to organize days with special people so I created the Bee Experience, since my parents are bee keepers.

All the experiences, created with Your Sardinia Experience, were conceived to meet special people: as Cisky, a traditional weaver who kept the work of the Nule carpet. Every day trip is studied to discover forgotten places like Phoenician cities or water mills. The experiences have to give back the value to places used by the mining industry and the agriculture.

So here it is! We start from Bitti after a terrible flood, then we explore the surroundings of Cuglieri and Osilo. We will meet my parents at work in Anglona, and we will be bee-keepers for a day! Lately, we will leave for the south-west of the island to discover another island. Finally in the hot months we will refresh ourselves in the river Coghinas enjoying amazing wines produced along it.

what to do if you are planning a trip to Sardinia
Day trip around Sardinia

Let me know what do you think about it. Do not forget that these day trips can be organized for you in every moment of the year. I will be more then welcome to help you find the right way to discover Sardinia.